Laughter Yoga Live!

Laughter Yoga sessions are full of short exercises that cultivate childlike playfulness. When we clap, we clap with our fingers together like children do (at least until we copy the grown up we're around. When we laugh with others, we don't laugh at them. Occasionally we may wag a finger...but then we laugh together with abandon, turning a frown into a laugh.
We focus a lot on the breath. Laughter yoga is yoga more for the focus on the breath than on poses. Only rarely would I ask a group to laugh like a tree, and we will try to laugh for 30 seconds on one leg
Often, I laugh with elders or people with a disability, and we laugh as we adapt the exercises to include people who are differently able. In these groups, we probably don't try to stand on one leg. We may sit, and I circulate, applauding every little sign of playing along.
We laugh and twist gently, or we forward bend, breathing out, and laughing up, on vertebra at a time. We laugh for no reason.
Laughter yoga exercises are often interactive with uproarious hilarity.
In a Laughter Yoga session, we may pick laughter flowers in a laughter field. When we smell the flowers, we laugh. When we offer the flower to someone else, guess what? They laugh too!
Often we play "Follow the Laugher" (where we laugh like, or at least, make the sound of an animal or an instrument or make and mimic some movement that others copy). In "Laugh Up the Band" We take create an ensemble of laughter instruments and have a crazy, concert of cacophony! Or we are a menagerie of laughing animals.
The animals can be profound. Maybe we'll spend a minute on each animal of the Chinese Zodiac. I like to think that it helps the planet, for people to laugh like animals.
Laughter sessions can be as short as 30 minutes or 75 or 90 minutes or more. But Laughter Yoga can be five minutes of warm up before an event, or an ice breaker at a conference or work meeting.
Laughter yoga crosses language barriers too since it is non-verbal. We may play with gibberish, but we rarely use recognizable words. We speak in laughter words, of course!
Laughter Clubs are all over the world!

If you have an event at which you would like some sure-fire laughter and hilarious inter-mingling among guests or attendees, get in touch with Laughing Jim!
Laughing Jim (also answers to Jim Haber)